by John Goldsbrough

atDNA, Ethnicity and Origins.


Finder program of Family Tree DNA, uses only the autosomal SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) test results from the Family Finder microarray chip. The results of the autosomal test can be used in the following way.

  • Your Matches - View your Family Finder match list, and connect with genetic cousins.
  • Chromosome Browser - Compare your matching DNA segments (blocks) with your matches.
  • myOrigins - View results of the myOrigins program — your personal genetic history
  • Ancient European origins

Ancient European Origins.

The European Continent has been witness to many episodes of human migration, some of which have spanned over thousands of years. The most up-to-date research into these ancient migrations on the European Continent suggests that there were three major groups of people that have had a lasting effect on present day peoples of European descent: Hunter-Gatherers, Early Farmers, and Metal Age Invaders. The graphics below display the percentages of autosomal DNA that you still carry from these ancient European groups.

DNA Land

DNA Land is non-profit and run by academics affiliated with Columbia University and the NY Genome Centre.  By sharing your data you are enabling scientists to make new discoveries.  We also want to enable you to learn more about your DNA.  We will compare your DNA with reference data from different populations to see where in the world your ancestors might have lived.


LivingDNA  updated their analysis in June 2017 and they show the following.