by John Goldsbrough

By: John | July 14, 2017

LivingDNA have updated their Family Ancestry map calculations. The new results are now close to my actual family tree in that the percentage of North Yorkshire is 84.6% according to LivingDNA, the result from my family tree back to 3G Grandparents is 82.3% born in North Yorkshire. 

Family Tree updated to match the colour scheme used by LivingDNA on their map.

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By: John | May 02, 2017

My results have just been published by LivingDNA, the following is a summary of their findings.

As you explore your results, you will understand not only where your genetic ancestry originated but also see just how closely we are all connected. Concepts such as race dissolve, being proven by science as little more than inaccurate perceptions.
Revealed within your DNA are the great migrations your ancestors took which are today part of your genetic code. Your results cover up to three areas of DNA:

Family Ancestry (Autosomal DNA)

This part of the test looks at all your ancestors both in recent times (approximately 10 generations) as well as allowing you to look at your ancestry at different points in history until we all share common ancestors ...

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By: John | April 08, 2017

FamilyTree DNA have just updated their Origins software to include new population clusters. My results have changed considerably since release 1 of Origins.

Origins - Release 1

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By: John | March 06, 2017

I have analysed the birth locations of my ancestors to 3xGreat Grandparent and plotted them on a map of North Yorkshire. Four distinct lines are shown on the map.

Paternal male line ancestors are grouped together on the western edge of the North York Moors whereas the Paternal female line are grouped along the Northern part of the North York Moors.

The Maternal male line ancestors are grouped in the Bilsdale area of the North York Moors whereas the Maternal female line are on the southern edge of the North York Moors around Pickering.

Ancestor Locations in North Yorkshire

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