by John Goldsbrough

Elizabeth Ethel Dobson (1886 - 1956)

My paternal Grandmother, Elizabeth Ethel Dobson was born in Crathorne, North Yorkshire on 3rd July 1886 (B,Jul 1886, Stokesley, 9d,655). From her birth certificate we know that her father was Francis George Dobson and her mother was Christina Husband. From information provided by Ruth Gouldsbrough we know that she was born at Crathorne Mill, the reason for that becomes clear when we study the census records.

 The 1891 census record for Elizabeth Ethel Dobson proved to be elusive initially as she wasn’t with her parents and also she was listed as Ethel and not Elizabeth. Two census records are shown later.  One for Elizabeth’s father, Francis and the other for Elizabeth herself. 

When we study the 1891 census record, it shows Elizabeth’s Father and Mother living at the Mill Farm cottage at Crathorne. They lived next to his father William Dobson, a farmer. Francis George’s elder brother Thomas was also a Miller living at Crathorne. All three families are shown on one census sheet. So from this one page we find my Grandmother, Elizabeth E Dobson, her parents (my Great Grandparents), Francis George Dobson and Christina Dobson (m.s. Husband). In addition the census record for East Rounton also shows her Grandmother (my Great Great Grandmother), Elizabeth Husband. Elizabeth’s elder brother Francis William had been born at East Rounton so perhaps at the Grandparents house at Haggitt Hill in East Rounton.

By 1901 we find Elizabeth living with her parents at Hutton Rudby along with her parents and her two brothers, Francis William and John M who was aged three at the time and had been born in Hutton Rudby.  This means that the family had moved to Hutton between 1891 and 1897.  Her Uncle, Thomas Dobson was still living with his family at the Mill House in Crathorne, his occupation was given as Miller and Corn Merchant.

All this ties in with some information provided by Ruth Gouldsbrough.  She relates that both Francis George and his brother, Thomas worked at the Corn Mill in Crathorne.  Francis used to take the meal back to the farms after it was milled.  However it seems that the family moved to Hutton as a result of her fathers liking for  drink.  Apparently he often arrived back at the Mill drunk, so the family was asked to leave the Mill.

Elizabeth worked in Domestic Service in the early part of the 20th Century, and I believe she met James Goldsbrough at Arncliffe Hall.  Her first child was born on 20th July 1904 at Hutton Rudby, presumable at home because the birth certificate states that her mother Christina Dobson was present at the birth, also no father was recorded on the birth certificate.  The child was a boy, John Don Eden Dobson. 

On 22nd June 1907 she married James Goldsbrough at the Northallerton register office in the presence of their witnesses, Maria Kipling and George Moss. At the time of the wedding James was living in Clack Lane End in Osmotherley, his father was listed as deceased, and Elizabeth was living in Northallerton and her father was listed as Francis George Dobson, a corn miller. Her second child, Frederick was born later that year on the 19th August.

By around 1910 the family moved to Great Broughton where Elizabeth lived for the rest of her life until she died in 1956.  The remaining children, Annie, James, George Harvey, Samuel and Ruth were born between 1910 and 1928.  Also Elsie who was born in 1923 and died later that year.

Elizabeth’s first son was Don John Eden Dobson, I understand from Ruth Gouldsbrough that his father was in fact a John Eden who did pay some maintenance for Don.  In the 1911 census, an Eden family were living in North End Hutton Rudby.  John Eden was aged 31 and working as carter and living at home.