by John Goldsbrough

James Goldsbrough (1877 - 1945)

James Goldsbrough, my paternal Grandfather, was born in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire on 2nd October 1877 (B, Dec 1877, Northallerton, 9d, 659). The birth certificate shows that his father was James Gouldsbrough, occupation tailor, and his mother, Sarah Elizabeth Thompson.

James Gouldsbrough continued living in Osmotherley through the 1890’s. His father James Wright (Gouldsbrough) developed cancer in the mid 1890’s and died on 3rd February 1896 aged 56 at Osmotherley. His death certificate listed his occupation as a Master Tailor. His mother then remarried in 1900 when she married George Reed (M, Northallerton, Sep 1900, 9d, 1152). The 1901 census record shows that he was still living in Osmotherley, with his mother, stepfather and niece. His occupation was given as Coachman, Groom. I think by now he was working at Arncliffe Hall. By the time of the 1911 Census he was married to Elizabeth Ethel Dobson and had two children, Frederick and Annie and were living in Great Broughton.

Ruth Gouldsbrough told me he served in the Boer War, but as yet I have no details of his service. He met Elizabeth Ethel Dobson and they married in 1907 (M, Northallerton, June 1907, 9d, 1248). The marriage certificate lists him as James Goldsbrough, the first time that variant on the surname had been used.  A family story related by my father was that the Registrar in Stokesley was called Goldsbrough and he used his spelling on the certificates.  

There is some evidence to support this because the 1901 census reveals a Thomas Goldsbrough (born in Crathorne) as the Assistant Registrar in Stokesley.  He was still the registrar in 1918 when my father was born.  The family name only changed back when Ruth was born in 1928.  In the period up to the First World War, four children had been born and then four subsequently.

The only picture of James is of him  in the Great Broughton Cricket team prior to the First World War, he is seated in the centre, which probably means that he was team captain.

After the war James worked for the North Riding County Council on the roads.  His occupation was listed as Roadman on my parents wedding certificate.  Also in the 1939 Register he is also listed as a Highway Labourer, his son James and daughter Ruth were living with James and Elizabeth at High Street, Great Broughton.

James died in 1945 (D, Jan, 1945, Cleveland, 9d, 589) when I was one year old.

Great Broughton cricket team